MFW 24 Wall Mount Cooling Fan

MFW 24 Wall Mount Cooling Fan

Product Introduction:


  • Centrifugal atomization engineering, devoid of nozzle (water-filtration equipment is unnecessary).
  • Adjustable misting volume while minimising noise levels.
  • Atomization and air delivery is powered by a dedicated motor, easy to operate and simple to maintain.
  • Can be plumbed into your water system.
  • The fan surface features a coat of powder resulting in effective rust prevention and durability.
  • The motor features low-temperature-increase engineering, stable performance, durable operation and effective overload protection.
  • There is a protective feature for pump operation when the water is above 90 oscillations.
  • 3 available operating speeds.
  • Up to 6/7 hours tank capacity on certain models
  • A waterproof electric design enhances the safety aspect.
  • CAD optimized engineering is employed with an attractive and sleek look.


  • Produces a refreshing and pleasant outdoor environment.
  • Results in a healthy and energised work space.
  • Enhances employee productivity.
  • Lowers heat stress.
  • Affordable to operate and to maintain.
  • Mobile units which require minimum refilling.

A myriad of applications:

Factories & workshops, pools, patios, braai areas, restaurants, bars and clubs, sporting

& recreational events, queues, walkways, seating areas, farming and agricultural 

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