Big Four

Big Four

Price R 3399,00 (Vat Inc) Code 515 

1409056582Big 4 is an attractive garden game that remains one of our best selling products. Manufactured in wood, with a quality painted finish. Standing at 1.2m tall and 1.2m wide this is a truly Giant Connect Four. Big 4 is real statement piece in any garden.

The game is played in its traditional format by two players, one taking the yellow counters and one taking the red, taking it in turns to try and get four of their own colour counters in a row diagonally, horizontally or vertically.

The game challenges you and requires a great deal of strategy and skill not to mention the merest hint of luck to win, also great team building fun.

The counters drop smoothly into the frame and drop neatly out when the game is won by unlocking the bottom bar using the brass bolt fixings. Once the counters are out simple replace the bottom bar and start again.