Hi Tower Giant Jenga

Hi Tower

The classic Hi-Tower garden game has been hugely popular ever since it was first introduced to the outdoor toy market in 90's. Hi-Tower is based on and shares the same objective as the table-top classic game of Jenga which was invented by Leslie Scott as her childhood toy in East Africa, Jenga means 'to build' in Swahili, the players taking it in turns to remove blocks until the tower falls. Each player must think tactically when deciding upon which block to remove from the tower, trying to make things difficult for their opponent and force errors. The Hi-Tower game comes with 58 strong and robust wooden blocks, which are made from high quality pine. The Hi-Tower structure starts off at 0.9m (3ft 6in) at the beginning of the game, but will grow to a massive 2.3m (7.5ft) in play.

We now stock two different types of Hi-Towers which are priced as below

Mega High Tower in a storage container R 1 899.00 (Inc Vat)
Code 5067 

Giant High Tower R 1 799.00 (Inc Vat)
Code 5065 



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