Cannon Ball Drop Game

Cannon Ball Drop Games 

Price R 1799,00 (Vat Inc) Code 527

This game takes the well known classic marble game
to another level in this truly giant form.
Cannonball Drop consists of four cylindrical sections,
designed to represent the turret of a castle. It has 24
straws in yellow, red and green and 30 blue plastic
This castle-themed game simply requires each
cylinder to be slotted onto each other (no screwing
required). Then the straws are slotted through the
holes in the clear section creating a ‘web’ for the balls
to sit on. The balls are then dropped into the top of
the tower for the game to begin. Pull the straws out
one by one - trying to let as few balls drop down as
possible. The player with the fewest balls at the end is
the winner.
The game is a total of 92.5cm tall and is 32cm wide at
the base.
The game comes neatly packed in a box with a plastic
carry handle measuring 33cm x 34cm x 38cm.

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