Chess / Draughts Matts

Chess / Draughts Matts  Giant Matt R 699.00 (Inc Vat) Giant Board-Rigid R 2999.00 (Inc Vat)

Solid Timber Card Tables

Solid Timber Card Tables Size 90 cm x 90 cm Cloth -  85% Wool/Nylon blend Foam underlay as soft backing Colour Sprayed to suit your décor Fixed or folding leg options Matching Top optional

SuperCoin 1100

The convenient AVANSA SuperCoin 1100 coin counter counts, sorts and batches coins. Thanks to the high speed (216 coins per minute) and the large loading tray (300 up to 500 coins) you can complete cashups with ease. Moreover you can effortlessly prepare a bank deposit…

Avansa MaxDetect 190

 Stop the counterfeits from affecting your business and protect hard earned cash with this counterfeit detection system that includes ultraviolet (UV), watermark (WM) and a magnifying lens. This counterfeit detector will make all security features visible on not only the currency, but also credit cards,…