Wall mounted misting fan

  1. Cooling: Outdoor restaurants, bus stations, railway stations, waiting areas, hotels, also for work areas.
  1. Suppressing dust: Removing atmosphere dust, farming, pollution control, decrease unpleasant odour.
  1. Increasing humidity: Used in spinning mills, cotton warehouse, park, greenhouse etc.
  1. Agriculture: Used in poultry farms, mushroom plants, it improves the operations for all kinds of livestock industries.
  1. Special effects of mist: Gardens, zoos, fairs, movies sets, used for creative fog
  1. Spray effective distance 10m
  1. Temp drop in a closed environment between 2 and 8 degrees room size dependant
  1. 26-inch fan, 3 speed and oscillation feature.
  1. Needs to be plumbed into existing plumbing or top up with water every two to four hours.
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