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Cummins Jetscan Single Pocket

Cummins Jetscan Single Pocket

Looking for a premium currency counter without the premium price? 

Using the scanning technology developed the single pocket models 4161 and 4166 Jetscan The main advantage is, as well as counting mixed notes, the machine can simultaneously offsort a chosen denomination, effectively sorting the currency as it is processed as well as detect counterfeint notes.

Notes / Specifications:

  • Four Processing Modes -- Notes can be processed utilising stranger detection, mixed, sort or count modes.
  • Bright, Illuminated LED Display -- Illuminated display is easy to see under all lighting conditions.
  • Four Levels of Memory -- JetScan™ keeps separate totals for sub-batches, day totals and strap limits. All are maintained during power surges and power failures.
  • Adjustable Hopper Guides -- Hopper guides can be moved to one of four positions to provide for more accurate scanning of various sized notes.
  • Unit/Value Display -- Totals can be shown as note value and unit counts.
  • Adjustable Strap Stops -- Separate strap stop limits can be established for each denomination.
  • Verification -- Allows notes to be counted or recounted without changing totals in memory.
  • Add Function -- For cumulative counting when desired.
  • Counterfeit Note Detection -- JetScan offers an exclusive combination of sensing systems that individually and collectively detect a wide variety of suspect notes:

- Magnetic Ink Sensors

- Metallic Thread Sensors

- Fluorescence Sensing

- Enhanced Ultraviolet Sensing (EUV)

  • Communications -- Activates ports for one or two devices including computers, printers and remote displays.
  • Printers -- 40-character journal printers provide records of transactions.
  • Remote Display -- Large red LED display on 4-meter cable shows sub-batch and batch totals.


  • Speed -- Adjustable from 600 to 1,200 notes per minute.
  • Top Hopper Capacity -- 500 circulated notes.
  • Lower Hopper Capacity -- 150 circulated notes.
  • Size -- 24 cm H (without hopper) x 27 cm W x 30.5 cm D
  • Weight -- 6.8 kilograms.
  • Document Size --
  • Height: 6.12 cm minimum to 9.65 cm maximum.
  • Length: 11.43 cm minimum to 17.78 cm maximum.
  • Power -- 220V, 50Hz or 115V, 60Hz
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