Roulette Table

Roulette Table Without Chips, cards and chairs Notes / Specifications: approx 2 m x 600 Easily assembled 
Size of table ( 148 x 126 cm - including rods ) Available to Purchase: Standard home ( No branding ) R7995.00 Incl Vat Telescopic Rods?   Add R 695.00  

Bull Strength Tester

Bull Strength Tester Test Your Strength with the Bull Strength Tester Perfect with the Rodeo Bull for a country and western themed event, The Bull Strength Tester is a very fun and different way to prove just how strong you really are!

Saloon Bar Shootout

Saloon Bar Shootout Test your speed at drawing your gun against the cowboy The 2 players have to stand in front of the saloon bar in the free-standing chaps, and stand ready and prepared to draw their guns as soon as the saloon doors open.…