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Tug of war  is a sport that directly puts two teams against each other in a test of strength, each teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team's pull.


Great for families, schools and general team building events 

Notes / Specifications:

  • It is a 32mm diameter rope which is supplied in a 35m length.

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  • Sleek cabinet design
  • Flat screen for improved Graphics
  • Back wheels for Easy mobility
  • Multi Game board with 500- in- one Games to select from.
  • Branding options available to personalise and suit your requirements

Available to Purchase



Racing Water Slide

Price R 699,00 (Vat Inc) Code 539

Perfect for summer - the Racing Water Slide is a
simple way of creating a water slide in your garden in
The slide comes with a hose attachment nozzle so
once a hose is attached, water runs down the slide
and sprays out of the bottom bumper creating a fun
and exciting attraction for children.
The slide also comes with two inflatable boogie
boards - allowing two children to slide down
simultaneously - racing each other as they go.
The slide is 4.7m in length and comes in a full colour
printed display box.

Target Toss

Price R 349,00 (Vat Inc) Code 534

Target Toss is an inflatable target game perfect for practising
accuracy and skill when throwing.
The game consists of one large inflatable target - covered in
various Velcro patches, each one with a number to ‘score’
A really compact little game, it can easily be blown up and
deflated - perfect for travelling. Packed in a colour display box.

Tin Can Alley

Price R 349,00 (Vat Inc) Code 533

Tin Can Alley is a classic fairground attraction - taking aim and
skill to knock the tins down with the throwing bags. The game
is simple yet addictive - consisting of ten bright red tins - each
one numbered. They simply stack up into a pyramid ready to be
knocked down. The difficulty can be increased by moving the
throwing line further away.
The game includes three throwing bags in red, blue and orange
and packs neatly away in its box ready for the next time it is
The game comes in an attractive printed colour display box.


Price R 1199,00 (Vat Inc) Code 531

Kubb (or ‘King’s Game’ as it is often called) is
a traditional Scandinavian game which can
be played by individuals or in teams.
The set is made with high quality solid
Beech wood, consisting of ten ‘Kubbs’, one
‘King’ (with red painted crown), six throwing
batons and four corner markers.
The set comes complete in a bag with
adjustable strap to store and carry the set

Cannon Ball Drop Games 

Price R 1599,00 (Vat Inc) Code 527

This game takes the well known classic marble game
to another level in this truly giant form.
Cannonball Drop consists of four cylindrical sections,
designed to represent the turret of a castle. It has 24
straws in yellow, red and green and 30 blue plastic
This castle-themed game simply requires each
cylinder to be slotted onto each other (no screwing
required). Then the straws are slotted through the
holes in the clear section creating a ‘web’ for the balls
to sit on. The balls are then dropped into the top of
the tower for the game to begin. Pull the straws out
one by one - trying to let as few balls drop down as
possible. The player with the fewest balls at the end is
the winner.
The game is a total of 92.5cm tall and is 32cm wide at
the base.
The game comes neatly packed in a box with a plastic
carry handle measuring 33cm x 34cm x 38cm.

Fun Day Racing

Price R 849,00 (Vat Inc) Code 524

A fantastic game incorporating a selection
of school sports day races promoting
competition and teamwork.
Decide the design and length of your race
course. Play individually or as part of a
team and award points to 1st, 2nd and 3rd
positions. The pack includes five race games
and is suitable for any age or ability.
Included in the set:
4 x Adult Sized Hessian Sacks
4 x Bean Bags
4 x Wooden Eggs and Spoons
2 x Ankle Straps (for the three-legged race)
1 x Whistle

Dice Game Spares 

Code 5071  -  Inflatable Dice : Price R 135.00 (Inc Vat)


Croquet Game Spares 

Code 2111  -  Croquet Balls Each : Price R 129.00 (Inc Vat)

Code 21124  -  Croquet Ball Set : Price R 499.00 (Inc Vat)

Code 2112B  - Longworth / Cottage Croquet Balls Each : Price R 129.00 (Inc Vat)